Open MetalCast Episode #2: Further down the rabbit hole

Show Notes for Episode #2:

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Open MetalCast Episode #2

4 thoughts on “Open MetalCast Episode #2: Further down the rabbit hole

  1. Hi, I just listened to the 2 first episodes and I really like your podcast. I have some thoughts on how you could impreve it even more:
    – add more comentary about the music/bands, like the short note about Diablo Swing Orchestra in ep2
    – you don’t need to repeat yourself so much – it’s a podcast, not a live show, if I miss anything I can easily rewind
    – optionally maybe add some stylization to the whole thing, say things like “here’s a nice tune for the little demon inside you to enjoy”.
    Anyway I look forward to ep3 ;-).

  2. @cyberkiller: Thanks for the feedback. I’m still playing with the format of the show, so any comments are more than welcome. I have a background in college radio, so I’m used to restating things over and over again. I’ll cut that back in future episodes, since the show isn’t quite as new now. 🙂

    Thanks for listening and giving feedback. I really appreciate it!

  3. Additional commentary like Cyber Killer suggested as well as more variety would be great. It seems like almost everything I heard across the two episodes was some sort of thrash (excluding Diablo Swing Orchestra). Pretty good and entertaining job so far though, keep throwin up the horns \m/

    • @Kanos: Thanks for the feedback! My primary musical interests are in the thrash and technical / melodic death metal areas, but I’ll definitely try to put some more variety in the show. Never let it be said that I lack variety. 😉

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