Open Metalcast Special Episode: Severed Fifth

Severed Fifth‘s new album “Nightmares By Design” is scheduled for a world-wide release on October 11th. We caught up with Jono Bacon to talk with him about the first Severed Fifth album, “Denied by Reign”, and ask him about what to expect with the new album “Nightmares by Design”. We also get his thoughts on forming a live band, touring, and the Creative Commons License.

  • Edge of Design from Denied by Reign
  • The Blackening from Nightmares by Design
  • Foretold Revelation from Nightmares by Design

Remember to check out Severed Fifth live at the Pine Street Sports Bar on October 1st, and download the new album “Nightmares by Design” on the release date (October 11th).

Special thanks to Jono for taking the time out to speak with us, and for giving us a taste of the new album!

Open Metalcast Severed Fifth