License mix-up

Hey folks,

I’ve noticed that I’ve been mistakenly marking each of the podcasts for Open Metalcast as BY-NC-SA (By Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike). This is unfortunately not the license that I was intending to use, nor is it compatible with some of the artists that we’ve released, which use the No-Derivatives license clause.

So, I’ve gone back and re-marked each of the episodes accordingly.

I hope this does not dissuade anyone from listening to this podcast, nor do I wish you to stop listening to the artists. I think of this show as the vehicle for you to check out the artists involved and have your own relationship with them. I don’t want you to try cutting their work out of this podcast to use. Heck, the sound-quality is good, but sometimes it’s twice-compressed mp3 files. 🙂

So, by all means, if you like something you hear on this show, head to the artist’s site and download it from there.

Hopefully there’s no hard feelings, but if there are, send them my way at and we’ll talk.

And by all means, please keep your podcatchers locked in to Open Metalcast!

2 thoughts on “License mix-up

  1. Hi Craig, long time listener, first time writer.

    Just to set your mind at ease around the license use, the no derivatives license is to prevent partial reuse of a work (for example using opening bars of a track for an intro bumper or sampling lyrics from a track to use in another work) or changing the format of that work (for example, using a track in a video, using a poem as lyrics for a song or stripping the video from a music video to make just a song), it does not prevent the combination of tracks into a larger body of works.

    I had the same fear when setting up (which I need to talk to you about at some point 🙂 ) but finally realised my mistake when I read the legal code and found I was OK.

    I believe that the license you apply refers only to your original work, so for a podcaster dealing mostly in introducing music, BY or BY-ND would probably be equally acceptable, as it’s only restricting the reuse of your text.

    I should stress however, I am not a lawyer, so rules may differ in your region, or in local interpretation!

    All the best, and thanks for a great show,

    Jon “The Nice Guy” Spriggs
    Creator of

    • Yeah, I had a friend who is familiar with the CC license go over my post and say much the same as you did in his “not-a-lawyer” voice. I’ll edit the post to clarify the licensing position. I’m still hoping that folks grab the content itself from the artists, and not from the show. 🙂

      Thanks for the info!

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