Open Metalcast Special Episode: Cloudkicker

Recently we got the chance to speak with Ben Sharp, aka Cloudkicker. Cloudkicker released their latest album “Beacons” in September of 2010, and it has become one of my favorite “Djent” albums. Ben and I talk about the origins of Cloudkicker, his take on the Djent label, and I learn the source of the titles on the album. If you enjoyed the music from Instrumetalcast #2, you’ll definitely want to check this out!

Music in this episode:

  • Hold On
  • Push It Way Up
  • Amy, I Love You

Here’s the article I mentioned in the interview from Ask Earache about Djent, featuring Cloudkicker.

Open Metalcast Cloudkicker Interview (MP3)

Open Metalcast Cloudkicker Interview (OGG)

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    • Awesome. Glad you enjoyed the interview! (Also the T-Shirts are awesome. Have had several people ask about the band.)

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