Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode: Carthasy

Recently we got the chance to speak with Lindsay from the band Carthasy. Carthasy hails from Perth, Australia, and just released their new EP, Apertures on Bandcamp. A perfect description of the band is on their site:

Some bands try very hard to please you. Carthasy are not one of those bands. Carthasy’s experimental hard rock doesn’tsubscribe to any formula: schizophrenic two-minute assaults hold an uncomfortable truce with atmospheric seven-minute slow-burners. You might have to make an effort, but you know the rewards will be worth it.

Songs featured in this episode (BY-NC-SA):

  • Crawl
  • Apertures
  • Inhale
We’d like to thank Lindsay for taking the time to speak with us, and a big thanks to the band for making their music Creative Commons licensed. This is a great EP, and I’d highly recommend putting on some decent headphones and getting lost in this music. Really great stuff.

4 thoughts on “Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode: Carthasy

  1. Thanks for the interview, mate! I hope people enjoy it.
    Some of the bands I mention (very quickly and with a strong accent, I know) during the interview, who people might like to check out:

    Oceansize –
    Karnivool –
    Dead Letter Circus –
    The Butterfly Effect –
    Chaos Divine –
    Arkayan –
    Law of Attraction –
    RedSky –


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