Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode: On Wings of Wax

Recently we got the opportunity to speak with Adam Kluga, the sole member of the band “On Wings of Wax”. Adam (who hails from Melbourne, Australia)  produced and recorded the album “The Escape”, which chronicles the flight and eventual fall of the Greek Tragic Hero, Icarus. We spoke with Adam about the tern Djent, his recording set up, and why playing live music isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Songs in this episode (BY-NC-SA):

  • The Descent
  • Secrets
  • Where there’s Smoke

We’d like to than Adam for taking time to talk with us. Learn more about On Wings of Wax on their Bandcamp page (http://onwingsofwax.bandcamp.com) and follow them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/onwingsofwaxmusic.

Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode: On Wings Of Wax (MP3)

Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode: On Wings Of Wax (OGG)


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Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode: Sentient Machine

Sentient Machine mixes together elements of Metal, Disco, Industrial, and Electronic Music together in a unique, yet oddly familiar way. We talked about their debut album, their plans for their new album, and about James Brown’s New Year’s Eve Bash.

Tracks played on the show (all tracks BY-NC-ND):

  • James Brown New Year’s Eve Bash
  • Objects Are Women
  • Architecture Man

We’d like to thank Adam for taking the time to speak with us. For more information about Sentient Machine, visit their website at http://sentientmachine.net, and download their album at http://sentientmachine.bandcamp.com.

Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode: Sentient Machine (MP3)

Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode: Sentient Machine (OGG)



Open Metalcast Episode #39 – Catch-up, Must’ve Heard and Relish

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Open Metalcast #39 (OGG)

Open Metalcast #39 (MP3)



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