Recently we got the chance to speak with Jono Bacon of Severed Fifth about their long-awaited release “Liberate”. The album is the result of a successful community fundraising effort, which raised money to help the band to bring out a proper studio release of the demo album “Nightmares By Design”. We spoke with Jono just before the rehearsal for the band’s upcoming release party¬†on Feb 3rd. We talked about the making of “Liberate”, as well as the future of Severed Fifth and Creative Commons-licensed music.

Tracks played in this show:

  • End Of Days
  • They Prey

Jono and Severed Fifth were the first interview we did on Open Metalcast, and as always we’re thrilled to have him on the show. Thank you, Jono, for taking the time out to talk with us!

You can purchase the new album “Liberate” from the Severed Fifth Website (http://severedfifth.com) as well as find upcoming shows, T-Shirts, and more information about the Severed Fifth project. If you’d like to help the band make their studio rent, check out the Fair Pay section of the site, and let them know.

Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode: Severed Fifth – Liberate (MP3)

Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode: Severed Fifth – Liberate (OGG)

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  2. Severed Fifth FTW!