Recently we got to speak with Derek, Cody, and Jordan from the band Eraless. Based out of the mountains of Tennessee (where if you say you’re in a band, you’d better whip out the banjos), Eraless released their completely self-produced, and self promoted album “Dawn”. They  talk about the production of the album “Dawn”, a little history about the band, their use of the Creative Commons License, and their upcoming live show on June 21st with Abnormality, Unspoken Triumph, and Aortic.

Songs played during the show (all from the album “Dawn”, BY-NC-ND):

  • Figures in the Sky
  • The Unobtainable
  • Eclipse

We’d like to thank the members of Eraless for taking the time to talk with us!

Pick up “Dawn” by Eraless at Bandcamp.com, and learn more about the band at their website: http://eraless.com.

Also check out their upcoming live show at Ziggy’s 706 Cherokee blvd. Chattanooga, TN on June 21st at 9pm, as well as their other live shows. More info at http://www.eraless.com/events.html.

Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode: Eraless (MP3)

Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode: Eraless (OGG)

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