Open Metalcast Episode #66: Meteoric Sonic Boom

Apparently there was a meteor that exploded with enough force over Russia to break windows and cause all sorts of problems for people. Hopefully your neighbors’ windows will be strong enough to withstand the sonic detonation awaiting you in this episode. And there’s plenty of music in this episode with two longer tracks from Lacaille’s Shroud and Visions of Tragedy. Lest you think this is another “Long Songs” episode, we finish off with some shorter fare from New Folder, Head Takers, HYDRA, Keoma, The Arapahoes, and finish off with The Navidson Record. Come to think of it, you might want to reinforce your own home with all of this great Creative Commons Metal Music in this episode.

Please support the bands in this show! Buy a T-Shirt, head to the shows, or explode a meteor over their home town. Wait, that’s not good. Nevermind. Whatever you can do to help these bands keep making music, please do it!

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Open Metalcast #066 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #066 (OGG)