Welcome to a special interview episode of Open Metalcast. Recently we got the chance to speak to Nihil from the band Khadaver. Khadaver is a four-piece band from Slovakia. Khadaver fuses metal and electronics in a cyber-metal industrial hybrid you won’t want to miss. We talked about the formation of the band, the album “New World Disorder”, and about the band’s future plans.

Music played in the show:

We’d like to thank Nihil and Khadaver for taking the time to talk with us on Open Metalcast. For more information, visit their website: khadaver.com, where you can watch their video New World Disorder, as well as find links to their Facebook page, and more.

Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode: Khadaver (MP3)

Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode: Khadaver (OGG)

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