Open Metalcast Episode #71: Unconventional

Finishing up this episode while recovering from the amazing convention known as Penguicon which happened this weekend. One of the highlights was one of the staff members dressed in corpse-paint and a hula skirt behind a Tiki bar. That’s pretty unconventional, but what’s even more unconventional (outside of being, well, outside of the convention) is the cadre of chaos we have in store for you in this episode. There’s new stuff by Substance Black, Black Market Serotonin, and Samsara, as well as music from Masakari, cells, The Symbioz, Autarch, and one of my new favorite unconventional bands Toumaï. So get those headphone ready for a ride your ears won’t soon forget. Shownotes and links to the bands follow:

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Open Metalcast #071 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #071 (OGG)

1 thought on “Open Metalcast Episode #71: Unconventional

  1. What a craziness with Toumai! I didn’t knew this band and now loved their chaotic and varied mixture of styles. Remembered me to the first LP by Mr. Bungle but with a lot of own personality. I’ll check it asap.

    Thanks again for the recommendations and for all your work with this podcast 🙂

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