Open Metalcast Episode #73: Magic Smoke

There’s an old saying in electronics that refers to releasing the magic smoke whenever you do something to fry a piece of hardware. Well, my laziness got the best of me, and I released the magic smoke on my trusty desktop computer’s motherboard when I swapped out a power supply without pulling the old modular cables. So, this episode is later than usual, but hopefully a belated music-filled episode is better than no episode, and there’s a bunch of great stuff in this episode, including new Kudai, new WirgHata, along with tracks from CHOSEN, Havok, and Oak Pantheon. There’s also tracks from Cooked Pears, Дубль Пусто, and Forgenheim. But what’s really a thrill for me is being able to play the band of someone I’ve chatted with online for many years who is a member of a band that might be familiar to you: Dropdead. I’ve been asking for years for them to make something Creative Commons, and finally they’re part of the AS220’s Spring Sampler 2013 (which is released under a Creative Commons License). With so much great music packed into this episode hopefully you’ll agree that it’s better late than never, and hopefully I’ll remember that just because it fits doesn’t mean it’ll work. Shownotes and links down below:

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Open Metalcast #073 (MP3)

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