Open Metalcast Episode #77: Express Lane (12 items or less)

Ever gone to the store for just one thing, and realized at the checkout lane that you have more than one thing to purchase? That’s what happened with this episode. I already had most of the episode ready to go, but a quick trip to Bandcamp and Jamendo net so much more music that I decided to throw in a few more songs this episode. There’s something in here for everyone, so give it a listen, and whatever you do don’t look at the credit card receipt OK? Shownotes after the break.

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Open Metalcast #077 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #077 (OGG)

2 thoughts on “Open Metalcast Episode #77: Express Lane (12 items or less)

  1. Lots of good contet here lately! Especially apparently rare bands like Lords of the Trident are hard to find out about otherwise.

    Just a thought; why not create a persistent link to something called “latest_openmetalcast.ogg” or similar? Then people like me can simply bookmark that in their media player and play that when a new ep has arrived 🙂

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