Open Metalcast Episode #78: Sportball Surprise

I plead complete ignorance over all matters sportball or otherwise sports-related (save for hockey season when the Detroit Red Wings are doing well that season). So seeing an EP of sportball-related songs come across my desk isn’t that intriguing. But when it’s a CC-licensed album of tightly crafted sportball songs that also comes across the Metal Injection desk, then I take notice. I also take notice when I see new albums from some of my favorite artists like Mountain Mirrors and Agónica. And my other dirty little secret is I wanna get more Attractive Eighties Women songs because they seem to have carjacked Mojo Nixon’s tractor and gone on one hell of a joyride. Plus we have awesome tracks from Grey Heaven Fall, Dust Tria, Sunken, Nameless, and Samsara. It’s like a duffel-bag of sportball things to be sportballin’ with and… yeah, OK, I’m done. Shownotes after the break.

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Open Metalcast #078 (MP3)

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