Open Metalcast #84: The Wave of the Voyage

One of the items that the Voyager 1 Spacecraft sent along with it on its voyage outside of our solar system was a gold-plated. It’s probably the only gold compilation album in existence trhat features Mozart, Chuck Berry, and indigenous music from across the globe. Plus it has a wicked B-side that shows aliens how to find us should they be able to figure out the code. Luckily your computer should be able to figure out the bits that make up the latest Open Metalcast show so you won’t need to figure out some alien recording technology to make it work. And rather than indigenous music from across the globe you’ll be able to hear music from Ceremonial Castings, KROM, Kain, Machina, Taste of Hell, Longed for FUsion, Gutteral Slug, Extincion, and Electric Frankenstein. Plus you’ll be able to hear it long before any alien intelligence will be able to hear that record no matter how slow your modem is. Shownotes follow:

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Open Metalcast #084 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #084 (OGG)