Open Metalcast Episode #85: Timey wimey, wibbley wobbly stuff.

Rushing to get this episode out the door because the night I normally have to get the episode put together will be full of me catching the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who on the big screen. No spoilers, please. But what we do have is an episode chock full of some amazing artists starting with the anticipated release of the new Cryogen album “Continuum” (which is quickly becoming a favorite here). We’ve also got music from Desvirginizagore, Aborym, Rejekts, Soundcrafters, CEMENTERIO, One Paper Left, Digger, and Vampire Squid. You might say this episode is bigger on the inside, but you won’t need to be the President of Galifrey to… OK, OK, I’ll stop now. Shownotes after the break.

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Open Metalcast #085 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #085 (OGG)