Open Metalcast Special Club Metal Interview Episode: Patient Zero

promo8Welcome back to Open Metalcast, bringing you the best in Creative Commons Licensed Metal Music. I am the host of the Club Metal portion of the podcast and today we have a special guest. We worked hard to set up this interview over space and time and I am delighted to be able to present to you an interview with none other than the band Patient Zero. You might not know them now but in the future. your future. this is a big deal. Let’s just say that we’re lucky to have this chance to speak with a classical artist such as them. I apologize in advance for the transmission quality but because of the extreme time delay, causality, and the price of using The Time Phone it is the best we can do. So without further delay here is our interview with Patient Zero. Enjoy!

coverTrack Listing:

  • I Never Cared from Diabolus Ex Machina (BY-NC-SA)
  • High Tech Low Life from the forthcoming album: Cyber Psychosis
  • Eins from Curse and Regret (BY-NC-SA)

We’d like to thank Patient Zero for taking the time to talk with us on Open Metalcast. Learn more about the band and their fortcoming album Cyber Psychosis at Patient Zero.

Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode – Patient Zero (MP3)

Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode – Patient Zero (OGG)

(Sound Effect: Digital Headspin)