Open Metalcast Episode #86: Cult of the New

The term “Cult of the New” is a term used in the boardgame circles to (sometimes derogatorily) refer to people who are constantly in search of the latest releases at the expense of ignoring some of the older releases. This show is about putting on the brakes for a bit and slowing down to re-listen to some of the bands that we’ve featured on the podcast before such as Rase, Neverside, Panic.0, Inordem, Nuestros Derechos, Overlord, Les Chants de Nihil, Anthemon, Spawn from Deceit and Rezistor. And we welcome back Amity in Fame who recently released their stellar sophmore album “Through” under a Creative Commons License. So enjoy another spin of these amazing tracks and be sure to find a spot in your library for these albums. Because if you haven’t heard them before they’re still new to you. Shownotes follow:

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Open Metalcast #086 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #086 (OGG)