Open Metalcast Episode #89: New Music Smell

Call me an old fogey but I still get excited to tear open the shrink-wrap of a brand new album, especially when it’s from a band that I enjoy like Deep Space Destructors album II. Part of the joy was listening to their bonus track Sykli which I believe is only available on CD. But I know some of you have eschewed the physical realm for the more tidy and sanitary digital realm so with Deep Space Destructors’ kind permission I’ve included it in this episode. And lest you miss that new-music smell we also have new tracks from Chiral, Grey Heaven Gall, Nemost, Mahidevran, Azgard, Eschatos, and Hesus Attor. And rather than dispose of the wrapper when you’re done you’re encouraged by the artists to share with your friends. So until we can send new-music smell over the Internet this is the next best thing. Shownotes after the break:

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Open Metalcast #089 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #089 (OGG)