Open Metalcast Episode #90: Long Playing Record

A friend on IRC (Hi Greg) thought it might be neat to have an episode of post-rock / post-metal music. He might get his wish some day because apparently I can’t leave well-enough alone without mixing things up with sludge, doom, desert, and black metal. So Greg, I’ll get to that post-rock show sometime in the near future. But to make up for it this 90th episode is made up of 9 tracks around 9 minutes long weighing in at 90 minutes (seeing a pattern here?) Featuring music from HELA, Morgue of Saints, Anagnorisis, Allochiria, Show Me A Dinosaur, EVILHORSE, Bong Breaker, DOLMENN, and SONNÖV there’s a little something for everyone in this episode.

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Open Metalcast #90 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #090 (OGG)