Open Metalcast Episode #91: Spring Forward

My least favorite “holiday” of the year is when Daylight Savings Time happens. For no apparent reason most of the known world decides to arbitrarily shift their clocks one hour ahead. This results in me losing an hour of sleep which makes me rather angry. And when I get angry there’s nothing I want more than a bunch of metal music blaring in my ears. Which, coincidentally this episode delivers with artists like Colosso, Carnivora, Muldjord, Allochiria, Iskra, and Sun Worship. It also welcomes the return of favorites Galactic Pegasus and PLATZDARM. But lest we stay angry there’s Оргия Праведников to pull us back. And while I will reluctantly spring forward with the rest of the world don’t expect me to be all happy about it.

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Open Metalcast #91 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #91 (OGG)