Open Metalcast Episode #92: Melt

We’re starting to see a thaw at the Open Metalcast headquarters and with it is the realization that maybe we’ll make it through this winter after all. Fortunately the Internet connection has stayed strong (knock on fake-wood) so we’ve been able to scurry through the net to find the finest in Creative Commons Metal to help keep your ears nice and toasty warm. Joining us this episode are trakcs from Trocotombix, We Are Idols, Recursion, Skein, Larion, Oblivion’s Garden, Oblivion, Cara Neir, Poison (thankfully not the hair-metal band) and a return by Captain Three Leg. Ten tracks of metal waiting for you to download and headbang (or more likely shovel) to while we wait patiently for spring to arrive.

Huge thanks to Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff for the amazing spot on their show. Check out the handiwork of two of my favorite game designers / writers and their always informative podcast delve into game design, history, food, Canadian politics and more. Check it out and be sure to tell them Open Metalcast sent you!

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Open Metalcast #092 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #092 (OGG)