Open Metalcast Episode #93: Headless Chicken

It’s been one of those weeks here at the Open Metalcast Headquarters where you have to wonder “what next?”. It’s enough to make you feel like a chicken with your head cut off. Though with the amazing Creative Commons metal music in this episode it’s more like the chicken had its head ripped clean off; especially with the likes of power-metalers Noble Beast and Twilight Messenger leading the way. Not far behind though is a new track from Headwires, and the long-awaited new album from Galactic Pegasus. Then the darker tones of Fenris, the crushing heaviness of Victim of Depravity, and the brutal Cementerio wrap up the episode before a long-awaited and very overdue return of the prog-metal master Lascaille’s Shroud with an opus that was successfully funded on Indiegogo (why didn’t anyone tell us about this? Argh!) It’s an episode more loaded with metal than last Thanksgiving’s turkey. Shownotes after the break:

Special thanks to Metal Bandcamp for the recommendation to pick up Noble Beast. Be sure to check out their series on Metal Injection for the best metal music that Bandcamp has to offer.

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Open Metalcast #093 (MP3)

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