Open Metalcast Episode #94: Post Pycon Ham Hangover

Regular listeners of the show may notice this episode posting later than normal. That’s because the normal posting date was during Pycon and I was hanging out in beautiful Montréal Canada enjoying the largest gathering of Python developers in the world. And I’m recovering from Easter weekend and a ham hangover. But lest this devolve into your typical blog post we’ve compiled 8 tracks of some amazing metal music, starting off with Sam Whitaker (feat. Jake Barnes of the Final Chapter), as well as brand-new music by EWÏG FROST. We also have the amazing new album by electronic black-metalers Psygnosis, and the jazz-influenced black metal of Schattenbrandung. There’s also post-metal sludge from Wovka, the groove-djent stylings of Pursuance, and the groove metal of Azoah. Capping off the show is the catchy prog-metal of Pervy Perkin. So feel free to move about this episode freely, and be sure to make copies of the music for your friends. Just don’t get too spooked at the gremlin ripping off the wings. I think I need a drink to calm my nerves.

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Open Metalcast #094 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #094 (OGG)