Open Metalcast Episode #98: Instrumetalcast #9

Dear Fans of Open Metalcast. I have a confession to make. It has been six long months since the last Instrumetalcast. Six months you’ve had to wait for arguably one of the more popular channels of Open Metalcast. I have failed you time and time again to bring you the best Creative Commons Licensed Instrumental Metal Music. No more. Your long wait is over, and as penance I have compiled almost an hour and thirty minute apology with such bands as Steamforged, Brunt, Alpha Male Tea Party, Town Portal, Dust Storm Warning, Cloudkicker, Black Market Serotonin, Another Destiny Project, Epitimia, T-Rex Quiet, Pervy Perkin, J.C.Vogt, SONNÖV, Cancer Killing Gemini, The L-Train, and Colosso. Hopefully this will tide you over until the next Instrumetalcast episode, which should hopefully arrive before the end of this year. Shownotes after the break.

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Open Metalcast #98 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #98 (OGG)