Open Metalcast Episode #101: Room 101

In the novel 1984 there is a room called Room 101 wherein the “Ministry of Love” subjects prisoners to their worst fears, phobias and nightmares. Apparently George Orwell named it after a meeting room at the BBC where he would be subjected to tedious meetings. Episode 101 is far from tedious though, although there may still be nightmares, fears and phobias lurking within these files. If you’re afraid of snails or slugs you might want to avoid Slugde’s latest album Gastronomicon. Malignant Tumor might also conjure fears of disease, but that’s more likely the sound of your head getting crushed. If you’re afraid of spectral hounds (or of Welsh myth) then Cwn Annwn might be your trigger. Technophobia sufferers may wish to take Silicon War Sector’s advice about Techno Ethics to heart, while those fearing the unseen may want to avoid Rorshack. Necrophobic and geometriphobic listeners won’t find comfort in Triumphant Skull (or in Studying the Spheres), nor will they want Visio Mortis. Those who have an irrational fear of Spiral Mountains will want to seek help immediately. And those who fear punk music will certainly want to escape prior to Stars Burn Stripes’s Songs About Escapism. But other than those caveats there is nothing more to fear within the confines of the aural bit-stream awaiting you. Unless you’re afraid of the best Creative Commons metal music on the planet. There’s no hope for you then.

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