Open Metalcast Episode #104: Drawing a blank

Ever have one of those weeks where you completely blank out on something that you need to do but can’t for the life of you remember what that was? Unfortunately I completely blanked out on releasing the latest episode of Open Metalcast for most of September. Whoops. But in that time bands have released an amazing amount of music; enough for several shows. So I apologize for the delay but hopefully the music will more than make up for it. First up is the straight-up thrash of Nuclear, followed by the amazing talents of Latvian band Deodium. Fallen to Flux winds up the first set and then Nami brings the progressive death metal while Mystic Place winds alternative and progressive rock together into an amazing combination. Black Autumn’s latest release “Losing the Sun” finds us navigating the doom-laden reaches of the brilliant M. Krall. Destierro drag us back into thrash territory, and Echovolt charges forth with industrial-strength metal that will, well, blow you away. Winding up this episode is Magma Dragon featuring members of The Dark Clan / Stromkern telling you about their Pathfinder character. It’s a show you will agree was worth the wait

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Open Metalcast #104 (MP3)

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