Open Metalcast Episode #105: Analysis Paralysis

Ever felt like you can’t make a decision about something? That happened to me recently when trying to put together this show. It seems October is the month where a lot of bands release their music so I had over 20 tracks set up to play in this show. I couldn’t decide which ones to put into the final show so I made some tough choices and bumped some tracks to future episodes. But talk about being spoiled for choice! There’s new music from show-favorites Memest, along with new music from Delyria, Deathsurrection, Colorblind, Narada, Phthartic, Sunnata, and Híbrido. Hopefully you won’t have as hard a choice to decide to listen to this episode as they’re all great bands with stellar tracks waiting to pummel your ears.

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Open Metalcast #105 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #105 (OGG)