Open Metalcast Episode #106: Wikipedia Fail

It’s no secret I find writing the introductions to these episodes the hardest part of creating the episode. The music has never been a problem as evidenced by the 8 tracks featured in the show. Nope, the worst part is trying to come up with something witty and wonderful to tempt you, the reader, into downloading this episode (which you very well should as there’s 30 minutes of great Creative Commons Metal Music waiting for you at that handy little download link. And I’ve mentioned one of my tricks for finding ideas for the episode text comes from Wikipedia. Well, it appears the only interesting things happening around the number 106 are related not-particularly-interesting years in the Roman Empire. And while that might be interesting to some folks I’m not prepared to go into any great depth about how year 106 brought the Indian ambassador to Rome. No matter how you slice it that’s not going to be terribly interesting at all. A better use of that attention would be checking out the tracks from Raide Mort, Trainwreck, Brain Remocal, Rather Be Alive, Silence Equals Death, Born of the Stars, Appollonia, and Dirty Greed in episode 106. And if enough folks check out this episode perhaps we could get Wikipedia to accept an update to 106 as “an episode of OPen Metalcast noted for its high quality CC-licensed music and for bitching about Wikipedia”. One can hope, can’t they?

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Open Metalcast #106 (MP3)

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