Open Metalcast Episode #108: Remembering legends

This week not only marked the 10th anniversary of Dimebag Darerel’s death (which seems like it was only yesterday) but also the passing of one of the legends of video games: Ralph Baer. Were it not for the innovations of both Dimebag and Ralph Baer the world would never have known the amazing music of Pantera, and the video game industry as we know it might never have happened. What does this have to do with the show? Not a damn thing but as someone who grew up on games and metal it felt important enough to mention. What this episode does have though is some of the finest Creative Commons metal the net has to offer, such as Vicky Polard, Fitcage, The Departed, Bloodhunter, Dystrophya, Proyecto Hombre, Offense, and Lou Quinse. So share this episode, support the bands, and remember those who made the things you love.

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Open Metalcast #108 (MP3)

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