Open Metalcast Episode #125: One, Two, Five

One thing that I didn’t miss while Open Metalcast was on hiatus was writing the short blurb that precedes the listing of tracks in the show notes. Part of that is because sometimes I don’t have much to add to an already great set of music. And this show is no exception, with tracks from Rain On Their Parade, Goliath, Muldjord, Broken God, Icarus Crash and Separate Sun. Plus we have one more track from the Apierogon album by Polygons. But the main reason I don’t like writing these is because I have to come up with superlatives for songs like Apocalyptic Witchcraft by show-favorite Petrychor. And really, how much more can you say about a band that can craft 26 minutes of black metal and still keep your attention? You’d be overdrawn from the superlative bank and have to see a teller to take a loan out. So rather than read me try to sell you on listening to this episode I think we’d both be happier if you just download episode 125 of Open Metalcast and we’ll call it even. No charge; just the finest Creative Commons Metal Music this here Internet has to offer.

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Open Metalcast #125 (MP3)

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