Open Metalcast Episode #134: Short on Words, Long on Metal

Trying to finish up this episode before heading to bed (which tends to be a theme, as I try to get these out before I hit the hay). Decided to start this episode with some of the more epic tracks and mix things up a bit. We have the first two tracks from Aktarum’s Game of Trolls, followed by a soaring track from Skyforest. Then we finish off the set with the epical tale of Daedalus and his ingenious wings which doomed his son when the son flew too close to the sun. And then four crushing tracks by Chamber of Rotrute, Depths of Black, Rebel Wizard and Sysmo Finish off the second act. And you won’t want to miss the post-metal track by Wreck and Reference that sounds both unique and familiar and downright good. It’s a show you won’t want to miss!

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Open Metalcast #134 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #134 (OGG)