Open Metalcast Episode #141: V.O.T.E.

If you’re even remotely aware of a country called the United States of America you’ll no-doubt know that November 8th is our election day. We’ve had a barrage of campaign calls from celebrities who likely would never call me otherwise (Seriously, lose my phone number). We’ve also had non-stop election coverage in every medium known to man (I think they’re even using the Rosetta stone to craft messages for any voters who might only read hieroglyphs). Whatever your political stripe, denomination, or leaning: please vote if you can.

Regardless, here’s 49 minutes of the best Creative Commons Licensed Music as a (temporary) respite from the United States of America’s political machinations.

V.O.T.E.: Very Over This Election.

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Open Metalcast #141 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #141 (OGG)