Open Metalcast Episode #152: Death By Algorithms

There are many algorithms that are now monitoring and making decisions in our lives. We’re constantly bombarded with algorithms telling us what we should like, where we should drive, and what food would be best for us to eat. But here at Open Metalcast we hand-select all of our metal releases from internet-sourced bands from around the globe. Bands like Timetrap, Bloodgod, Oracle, Nemsis Sopor, Mursa, Tromort, Mystic Moss, and Alpha Brutal. Our carefully trained technicians select only the finest blend of Creative Commons Metal for you listening enjoyment. It may take a little longer than an algorithmic selection but we like it that way and hope you will to. Now available in your local podcatcher/

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Open Metalcast #152 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #152 (OGG)