Open Metalcast Episode #164: A Little of Each

When putting together an Open Metalcast show sometimes they take on a life of their own. While I try not to make “themed” shows some sections tend to get a bit of a theme to them. Sometimes the theme is to try not to have much of a theme at all for that section and instead throw together a lot of similar yet different musical styles together. This is one such episode where each song is slightly related to the song that preceded it. But when you have a collection of artists like Khroma, Demimonde, Locus Mortis, Gateway to Hell, Deep Space Destructors, Illuminus, GERANIÜM, and Potato Hate Explosion sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and let the music take you where it will.

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Open Metalcast #164 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #164 (OGG)