Open Metalcast Episode #165: Analog Hole

Over the lifespan of digital music there has been a constant desire to control the copying of the data. Various watermarking and copy-protection schemes were put in place to ensure that folks wouldn’t share music. But no matter how protected the data there was always a weak link between the digital realm and the realm where you could listen to music. That was referred to as the analog hole; the moment when the digital signals become sound waves that your ears and brain perceive as music.

Luckily for us in the Creative Commons realm we can still share digital copies of our favorite music. We don’t have to worry about exploiting the analog hole; it’s just another part in the enjoyment of our music.

We’ve got a great collection of Creative Commons Licensed metal music lined up for you in this episode. We have music from Plague Mass, Imminent Attack, Mosh, Norilsk, Mindslaved, Desdinova, Machete, and Snake Thursday. It’s a show you’ll be happy didn’t stay locked in the digital realm forever.

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Open Metalcast #165 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #165 (OGG)