Open Metalcast Episode #173: Combined Forces

Here at The Open Metalcast Headquarters we usually make an entire episode in one night. We’ll toil over Audacity tweaking and adjusting until the perfect episode is ready for you to listen to. But sometimes we won’t be able to finish the episode all at once and we’ll leave it on the hard drive waiting to be unleashed. This was such an instance where we’d started the episode and then forgot that we had already uncorked the metal rocket-sauce before. But lest you think that we’re somehow giving you stale metal, or twice-unblessed metal please rest assured that we ensure that all of the metal is vacuum-packed using only the finest artisinal magnetic media. And who wouldn’t want to hear our fine selection of music from Tinnitia, Terrestrial Chaos, cranial incisored, Chivo, SUNNATA, No Hand Path, Kartzarot, and Ark Of Passage? It just goes to show that we will not rest until we bring you the best if Creative Commons Metal Music. Unless we do rest. Then we put it away until we can continue again.

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Open Metalcast #173 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #173 (OGG)

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