Six years of Open Metalcast

Today marks the sixth year since the first episode of Open Metalcast. It’s been quite a journey and I thank you all for accompanying me on it. We’ve found a lot of Creative Commons Metal Music along the way, and I hope there are many more episodes of discovery together.

Rather than bore you with statistics of how many tracks we’ve played or hours of music we’ve generated I just want to invite you to keep listening and sharing these episodes. We’ve barely scratched the surface.

Here’s to many more years to come!

Open Metalcast: Hiatus Announcement

Hey all,

After some deliberation I’m putting the show on temporary hiatus. Reason being life is getting in the way of making the show you deserve to hear.

We’ve had a good five year run and I fully intend to bring you many many more years of the best in Creative Commons Music. But now is not that time, and the show will suffer in the interim.

That doesn’t mean we won’t have some special episodes when the mood arises; far from it. But the regular every-other-week transmissions are not happening until further notice.

Nobody is more bummed about this than I am, and I’m looking forward to when I’m able to share music with you. That’s important to me, but other things need to take precedence.

Take care and stay metal!

— Craig

Program note: Open Metalcast episode delayed

Hi all,

The next episode of Open Metalcast is going to be delayed a bit. Have been pretty busy lately and my will to put together a show has been sapped. I hope this will give everyone a chance to catch up and pick up the albums from the previous episodes.

We’ll be back shortly with more of the great Creative Commons metal music you’ve come to expect. Count on it!

Open Metalcast: Brief Hiatus

Hey everyone,

Just a quick note that Open Metalcast is taking a brief hiatus for this week. We’ll return, ready to bang heads, crush skulls, and give you the finest in Creative Commons Metal music on 7/23.

Hope to see you then!

Transition to complete

I just uploaded the last few files to this morning. If everything went according to plan, we should have every single file from Open Metalcast up on (save for some special announcements). If you notice a link on this site still pointing to this site, please let me know. I’ll probably do one last sweep to make sure, and once that’s done, I can put that project to bed.

All future episodes will have their audio files distributed via Please let me know if you run into any issues.

Thanks for listening!