Tomorrow marks a very special episode of Open Metalcast. This is our 10th episode of Open Metalcast, and it marks a milestone for the show. Not only have we brought you 64 tracks of bone-crushing metal music (not including the upcoming monster of Episode #10), but I've been able to have interviews with great friends like Jono Bacon of Severed Fifth. Plus, we have you magnificent people listening to the show, commenting on it, and creating an amazing open metal community. I'm extremely grateful for every tweet, comment, and request sent into the show. Definitely keep those coming!

Episode #10 will weigh in at over an hour of music, and includes almost all new artists never heard on the show before. Which brings me to another part of the show that I'm proud of: few repeating artists. Of those 64 tracks, only a handful are the same artist. That's an amazing amount of metal music in there, all Creative Commons licensed. However, there's a lot of great metal music that didn't get played by those artists, so I'm going to lift a little personal ban that I set, which was to try to not play the same artist twice. In upcoming episodes, you'll hear more tracks from the artists that we've already played, as well as new artists. The show is a musical journey for me, and I hope you enjoy the ride!

Most importantly, I want to thank every one of the bands that have put out this great music to make this show possible. They are the sole reason the show exists, and without them, it'd just be me and the microphone. So please support the artists in the show. All of the links to the bands have a way to support the band, so head on over there, click on the links, and support those who make the music and this show possible.

Looking forward to crushing your skulls in 2011 with the finest Creative Commons Metal!