Open Metalcast was released five years ago on August 17th, 2010 and we thought it would be a great idea to do something special for you our faithful listeners and aficionados of Creative Commons Metal Music. So we got thinking: what could we do to show you how much we love you, the audience, and do something special to celebrate this momentous occasion. Five hours of music? A track from all of the bands we've played on this show? Severed Fifth's Jono Bacon parachuting into each and every one of your homes? While we chucked around these amazing (and somewhat scary) ideas we decided to do the one thing that keeps you coming back for mote: keep bringing you great Creative Commons licensed metal music. We've got tracks from Kekal, Panchita la Pistolera, A Grave On Mars, Death of a Poet, Othismos
Another Destiny Project, Throne of Malediction, Let It Flow, Did You Just Hex Me?, Betrayal, and BlackStar. So rather than serve us restraining orders or testing your intestinal fortitude we'll serve up 50 minutes of crushing metal to tantalize and appease your craving for Creative Commons Licensed Metal Music. Here's to five years and many more to come!

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Open Metalcast #123 (MP3)

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