Eight months ago Open Metalcast went on hiatus. The short of it was because my father-in-law was needing more elder care and we needed to shore up resources for his care. Unfortunately he passed away last year. This show is dedicated to him, even though he likely never heard it or knew it existed. We miss you, Dad.

So I have eight months to catch up on of sharing Creative Commons Metal Music with you. Let's get started with music from Phylogeny, The Afterthought Ecstasty, Sonus Mortis, Wildernessking, Negative Voice, Akaitsuki, two tracks from EWÏG FROST, and Lèpoka.

It's good to be back, though I wish it were under better circumstances.

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If you have any suggestions for Creative Commons licensed metal, send me a link at craig@openmetalcast.com.

Open Metalcast #124 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #124 (OGG)