Open Metalcast Episode #135: Bite-sized metal satisfaction

Here at the Open Metalcast headquarters we’re looking at the throes of summer as it winds down for the year. This is the time where people plan out vacations and other assorted trips and really don’t have much time for much else. We here at Open Metalcast understand your busy schedule and have set up nine tracks of metal for you in a small, easy to digest format. And what a selection we have for you, including tracks from Last Fear, Artificial Construct, Rather Be Alive, Napalm Strike, Chisme Animal, Traboute, and ČudNoReĐe. We even snuck in some brand new Mean Messiah for you. And while Open Metalcast sort-of-celebrates it’s sixth year we also celebrate five years of Discos Macarras with a track by Memest from their 5 Years of Doom and Dark Sounds compilation. It’s a show that moves at the pace of your busy lifestyle in easy-to-share MP3 and ever-so-trendy OGG. Available wherever fine podcasts are purveyed.

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Open Metalcast #135 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #135 (OGG)