Here at Open Metalcast Headquarters we're nearing the end of summer and heading headlong into the most metal of seasons: Fall. Now you may say that Winter is the most metal of seasons, but I'd beg to differ with you. And because I'm doing the writing I get to say that it's Fall and there's very little you can do to dissuade me from this notion. What makes this season so metal? Other than leaves falling from trees, Halloween, and darkness falling ever sooner over the land I really can't think of much else. :) And we have an amazing collection of metal to lead you into fall. We have tracks from Muldjord, Petroglyphs, Colosso, Khayman, Angus Black, R.O.L.F., Maeth, and Oak Pantheon. So sit back, brew your favorite warm beverage and let the darkness fall over you.

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Open Metalcast #181 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #181 (OGG)

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