The atomic number 189 denotes a hypothetical eka-superactinide called "Unoctennium", which sounds very similar to the fictional material called "Unobtanium". Unoctennium has not been observed in the wild yet, but should it exist it's already been named. What does this have to do with metal music? Not a damn thing, save for I'm writing up show notes for episode 189 and that was the most interesting thing that happened with the number 189 (other than some emperors and a pope dying) so this is tangentially related to metal. Plus it's kinda cool to think about metals that we think might exist but don't yet. Who knows, maybe we'll observe it in our lifetime. But what we can observe are tangible artifacts of amazing Creative Commons Metal Music. We have tracks from Dead Empires, Chaos in Paradise, Under Vultures, Zeugen der Leere, Eave, TRAIDOR, VSTRS, and Beastmaker to give your ear drums the Creative Commons metal music punishing they deserve. And you won't have to wait for science to catch up in order to discover these in the wild. Just give them a listen. Even better: check out the albums that these tracks come from and capture them in your own private archive. Do it for yourself, for the bands who make the music... hell, do it for science.

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Open Metalcast #189 (MP3)

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