This year would have marked the 11th anniversary of the first episode of Open Metalcast (August 17th, 2010 was the first episode debut). Over that time we've released 192 main episodes, 12 Instrumetalcasts, and 15 Club Metal podcasts. We've featured hundreds, if not thousands of artists during that time. And when I posted that the show was going on a Summer Hiatus I had every intention of continuing to make new episodes. I just needed a break to work on other things.

It's been two years since that announcement. What I thought would be a short break turned into a multi-month break. And honestly I haven't missed doing the show since then. Sure, there were the occasional twinge of wanting to put out an episode here and there but overall I feel like the show has run its course (for now).

Thank you to the bands who make this show possible. I hope you'll not only check out the bands in this podcast but also the bands they recommend. There's so many great musicians out there that need your support, now more than ever. Thank you to the labels that support and surface these bands to make them easier to find (Big shout-outs to Hypnotic Dirge, Discos Macarras, Nooirax, Irish Metal Archive, Torn Flesh Records, Core to the Core, and so many others who are constant sources of joy and great music.)

And most of all, thank you, dear listener, for helping me to make so many episodes for your enjoyment. Your support, recommendations, and downloads kept this show going, even when I was thinking of quitting. You're all the best, and I'm grateful to have such an amazing audience.

This isn't the end of Open Metalcast. The spirit may move me to once again tickle your eardrums with the best in Creative Commons metal music. When it does you'll be the first to know (RSS feeds are amazing for polling sporadic content). And I'm still looking for metal music (I'm a programmer by day, so I need something to help keep the programming flowing). I purchase most of my music via Bandcamp so that has the latest and greatest music that is currently filling my eardrums with music.

Until next time, whenever that may be.