Here at the Open Metalcast headquarters were'coming up on the July 4th holiday. That can only mean one thing: a constant barrage of folks taking their hard-earned money and transforming it into displays of sound and color. That's all good for them but we prefer to celebrate freedom by taking our hard-earned cash and transforming it into displays of the most amazing Creative Commons metal music the net has to offer. Gathered in this episode are the likes of Beastmaker, Goddess Of Fate, Blot, Antisoph, VOR, filferro, BLACKWYCH, and GENTEMAYOR. And unlike a fireworks display you can re-play this again and again and even share it with your friends. Its 100% better to share than mosquito repellent and unlike that potato salad that's been out all afternoon it's only guaranteed to give you sick riffs, not sick... well, you get the idea.

Please support the bands in this show! Buy a T-Shirt, buy an album, or head to the shows. Whatever you can do to help these bands keep making music, please do it!

If you have any suggestions for Creative Commons licensed metal, send me a link at

Open Metalcast #178 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #178 (OGG)

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