At Open Metalcast Headquarters we take pride in putting together the finest Creative Commons Metal Music available. But sometimes an episode takes on a life of its own. What started off as a pretty straightforward episode suddenly took a few unexpected turns. Not only does this show feature new metal from the comfy realm of 2018 but it also features metal that was released between 1988 - 1990. That's like a century ago! We didn't even know they had the Creative Commons license back then (or even the Internet) but they managed to get it into our hot little hands by way of the Irish Metal Archive. How clever! In fact several of the releases range across the years. This episode features metal music from First Fragment, Vendetta Fucking Metal, Necrovile, Hitwood, tod., Human Pollution, Kekal, and MORAL CRUSADE. And rather than wait another 30 years for this music to arrive all you'll need to do is spend 40 minutes to enjoy it all. Cheaper than a road-trip and twice as fun. Hope you enjoy!

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Open Metalcast #179 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #179 (OGG)

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