Things have been rather erratic here at the Open Metalcast Headquarters. We've been rather lax in releasing the metal to you in a timely fashion. One could blame the holidays, but part of it was I was getting behind myself in a lot of things. But my hope in the coming year is that we'll have more metal to share with you and that metal will be prompt and piping hot when delivered directly to your earbuds. Kind of like pizza delivery, but without that awkward moment when you're tipping the driver. We have a great selection of metal from Grott, Mind Holocaust, NEPHRIDIUM, Morgana vs Morgana, Mirloblanco, Harbinger of Storms, Luca Deriu, and Robot(A) to tantalize your tastebuds.

Here's to a new year and many more moments of Creative Commons Metal Music.

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Open Metalcast #186 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #186 (OGG)

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