If seems the Marie Kondo bug has hit the Open Metalcast studios. We took all of the tracks in the Open Metalcast Archives and saw which ones still sparked joy. Or rather, which ones could stop vibrating long enough to put into the episode. We have some great Creative Commons-Licensed Metal for you, including tracks from Grey Heaven Fall, Violblast, Kekal, Amiensus & Oak Pantheon, Black Market Serotonin, 114 Kassandra, Sound of Ground, Katu Veo, and Seajeff. These tracks are ready to vibrate into your ear drums, and if you like them be sure to pass them along to a friend. They would be most grateful if you did.

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If you have any suggestions for Creative Commons licensed metal, send me a link at craig@openmetalcast.com.

Open Metalcast #187 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #187 (OGG)

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